Best Waterfall Spot Patalpani Indore

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Patal Pani is one of the popular excursions from Indore. The tourists travel 36 kilometers to watch the waters of the Patal Pani waterfalls. Patal Pani is one of the exotic waterfalls that is situated at a distance of 36 kilometers from Indore. The waterfall breaks at an altitude of 150 feet. The waters accumulate in a Kund which is sacred to the local people. The depth of the kund is still unknown. It is believed that the waters travel down to a depth that reaches hell which is referred to as Patal in Hindi. The tourists may travel from Indore to Patal Pani in buses that ply in the region at regular intervals. The tourists may also avail hired cars that take the tourists from Indore to Patal Pani.

Patal Pani is a beautiful water falls, a famous picnic spot. The water falls height is approximate 300 feet. The depth of water kund (pit) formed at the bottom of the falls remains unknown. According to folklore, it goes as deep as the underground world (patal). The spot is also famous for trekking. The fall goes almost dry in the summer season, and the stream is reduced to a trickle! However, the sight is majestic soon after the rainy season (usually after July).

Patalpani is a waterfall, close to Indore city. It is a popular picnic spot where local people use to visit on holidays. It location is 35kms south-west of Indore city. Many people visits this place in week-ends. Here waterfall height is approx. 150 feet and becomes photogenic in rainy season when waterfall receives adequate rainy water and fall is in its full strength. Being a seasonal waterfall, it gives serious surprise of water in rainy season due to which many accidents took place in this fall. As located in down-flow, in monsoon season, due to rainfall in nearby areas, here waterflow suddenly increases, giving no time for rescue so it is suggested to view from distance. This place is good for adventure lovers as it gives some scope to adventure activities.

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