Best Lord Omkareshwar Temple in Indore

Lord Omkareshwar Temple

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It is dominated by hillocks which are home to various kind of birds and small animals. One of the most amazing sights that one can witness from this area is that of the sunrise. The rising sun against the backdrop of hills and the river below make it very picturesque. Once you get an opportunity to see the sun spreading its golden rays in every direction as it rises above the hills of the area, it will certainly stay with you for a lifetime.

Mamleshwar Jyotirlinga

The correct name is the Amreshwar temple. It is a protected Ancient Monument with good architectural stone work.


Shri Gajanan Maharaj mandir

Shri Gajanan Maharaj mandir (Shegaon) is a place you must visit in Omkareshwar, The temple is completely made of marble and Dholpuri stones.

Gauri Somnath Mandir

Temple, containing a gigantic six feet tall shivlinga, around which as the legend goes two grow up persons embracing it cannot reach their hands unless they are a internal uncle and nephew (Mama-Bhanja).


Patali Hanuman Mandir

Patali Hanuman is said to be the World's Biggest Idol of Lord Hanuman in a "Lying Down" Position. This is an Ancient Temple. It is also called as "Lete Hanuman" Temple. "Lete" in Hindi means "Lying", "Relaxing".

Shri Ram mandir on prikrama path

Shri Ram mandir on prikrama path is part of sri Rajrajeshshwari seva sansthan trust.

Siddhnath Barahdwari Siddheshwar

Siddhnath Barahdwari (Siddheshwar) One of the most inspiring temple from architectural point of view, and was declared a protected ancient monument by lord curzon.

Vishnu Mandir

Large ancient Vishnu temple in omkareshwar Also known as VishnuPuri .

Annapurna Mandir

There is an ancient type construction old Markandeya Mandir around which the Annapurna Temple Trust of Indore has raised a great complex containing a Sarva Mangala temple with the three goddesses Laxmi , Parvati and Saraswati

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