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Madhya Pradesh is situated in central India. The state is boxed by totally different states - to its northeast lies UP, Chhattisgarh is situated on southeast, Maharashtra is in the south, Gujarat situated in the west and to its northwest lies Rajasthan. MP is the heart of India. MP's capital is Bhopal, which is additionally the most important and biggest town here. Madhya Pradesh is the second biggest state in India with a population of 72,597,565 (2011 census), and therefore it ranks sixth in India as way if the population is taken into account. Hindi can be considered as the standard language spoken in Madhya Pradesh. Besides that, folks additionally speak numerous regional variants that also are totally different Hindi dialects. Aside from all this, In Malwa, Malvi language is used, in Nimar, Nimadi language is spoken, in Bundelkhand, bundeli is used for conversation and Bagheli is spoken in Bagelkhand and southeast of the state. Alternative languages also are spoken like Telugu, Gondi, Bhilodi (Bhili), Korku, Nihali (Nahali) and Kalto (Nahali), that the tribal group generally speaks. As a result of the Marathas had dominated this place, a considerable range of individuals speak Marathi here. Though Gujarat is extremely near the state, many folks are accustomed to Gujarati. Agar-Malwa became the 51st district of Madhya Pradesh, as per the call taken by the government authorities. It started working from 16th August 2013, covering 2,785 sq kilometer and having a population of nearly 4, 80,000. The district of Shajapur was divided for this reason only and after that Badoud, tehsils of Nalkheda, Agar and Susner were enclosed in Agar-Malwa.

Some useful Information regarding MP:

  • Capital: Bhopal
  • Date of formation: 1st Nov 1956
  • Governor: Ram Naresh Yadav
  • Chief Minister: Shivraj Singh Chouhan
  • Tourist attractions: Ujjain, Khajurao, Sanchi Stupa, Orchha Fort, Gwalior Fort
  • Festivals: Gana-Gour, Dashami, Hareli
  • Major dance and music forms: Gaur Dance, Muria Dance, Relo Songs
  • Arts and crafts: Wall paintings or bhittichitras, Chippas or hand-block printers; battubai dolls.
  • Languages: Hindi
  • Size: 308,244 sq. km
  • Population (Census 2011): 72,626,809
  • Rivers: Narmada, Tapti, Betwa, Son, Chambal
  • Forests and wildlife sanctuaries: Pench NP, Kheon WS, Bandhavgarh NP, Indrawati Tger Reserve, Kanha NP
  • State animal: Swamp Deer
  • State bird: Paradise flycatcher
  • Major crops: Spices, Wheat, Rice, soybeans
  • No. of District: 51
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