Iconic Buildings of Lalbagh Palace in Indore

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Lal Baag Palace

Lal Bagh Palace, Indore

The Lal Bagh in Indore, one of the best neoclassical palaces in India. It was designed by it was designed by Triggs of Calcutta and built between 1886 and 1921 and is surrounded by a vast formal garden. One of the royal palaces of t­he Holkar dynasty, the LalBagh Palace is one of the most prominent examples of Holkar era architecture in Indore ! It is one of the best palaces and historical attractions in Indore.

It was also considered as one of the most stylish royal residences in India! Its heavy-duty cast iron entrance gates, replica of those at the Buckingham Palace London, were imported from England ! More stylish features included marble columns, Bohemian chandeliers, stained-glass windows, and even spring-mounted floor in the central ballroom for extra bounce during ball dances ! The LalBagh Palace is a unique blend of Renaissance, Palladian, and Baroque styles of architecture ! The palace’s art & architecture was modelled on that of Palace of Versailles, Paris, which is one of the most beautiful palaces in the world!

There are also exhibits like contemporary Indian and Italian paintings and sculptures. The interiors of the Lal Baag Palace transport the visitors to the historic era. Lavish decorations in the style of Versailles Palace, Italian marble columns, grand chandeliers, rich Persian carpets, flying nymphs on the ceiling, Belgium stained glass windows, Greek mythological reliefs, Italian style wall paintings, stuffed leopards and tigers gives the visitor an out of the world experience.

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