Indore Health Care Department

Health is wealth”Considering it as the prime motto, the health and medical sector in Indore is working with a sense of great urgency. In the present scenario providing standard health services in the remote regions and government hospitals have been their top most priority. Apart from various private hospitals, there are 51 public health institutions in Indore, including 1 district hospital, 2 civil hospitals, 8 primary health care centres, 21 sub-health centres, 13 civil dispensaries, 2 poly clinics, 2 maternity home, 1 TB hospital and 1 TB sanatorium. The state has registered a remarkable progress in improving life expectancy at birth and reducing the infant and maternal mortality rate over the last few years. In the highly demanding medical atmosphere, leading hospital brands like Fortis, Medanta and Max etc are making Indore a hub center for quality health treatment in days to come.


A place where blood is collected from donors, typed, separated into components, stored, and prepared for transfusion to recipients. A blood bank may be a separate free-standing facility or part of a larger laboratory in a hospital.

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Best Doctors provides access to the best medical minds in the world. You can be sure you’re getting the right diagnosis, the right treatment and the right care.


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Health Club is a fully equipped Health Club with a team of experienced fitness instructors who are available to work closely with you and motivate you to ensure you get the best out your fitness programme.

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“The hospital will never be healthy for patients if it's not a healthy environment for nurses and where they can care for their patients and use the full extent of their knowledge, abilities, and skills. After all, hospitals today have become one big intensive care unit: all patients need intensive caring.”

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Pathology Labs

Our board-certified pathologists bring expertise across sub-specialties and tumor types. We can consult with you on even the most rare or obscure cases.


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